About Rauk

Our mission is simple. We depict personality. We capture what we see. We put it out on display. Nothing added, nothing removed. It is what it is. That’s what makes it complicated.


RAUK is art created by movement. Made from a solid and resolute idea of humanity. Of identity. It’s a reaction to the sameness, the likeness, of representation in culture, media and art. 

About us

RAUK wants you to be you. Bold, brave, bonkers. Or timid. Or ’don’t-talk-to-me-right-now’ focused. In every face line, every stray hair, every freckle we see you. And that’s all we want to see. To show.

We make RAUK

Nothing made more sense than creating this together. RAUK is everything but a one-man-show. RAUK is made, and re-made, by a bunch of creatives. Together we make RAUK.


Personality Enhancer, also known as stylist. Uses clothes and overall style as a way to make our models feel comfortable and honest to their core.


Life Capturer, photographer that is. The first creator of RAUK. But not the sole creator. Always on the hunt for the perfect imperfections.


Translator of visions, or a copywriter. Translating the beating heart of RAUK into words, creating stories that are accessible for the crowd.


Feel Constructor, or Art Director and Brand Manager. Half artist, half super hero she has enabled the platform from which we work.


People Placer, booking coordinator. Without her the photos would be quite empty. Which is another type of photo session. But not quite RAUK.


Tourist Guide, or a SEO pro that brings people to the website. Although she uses a virtual tour guide from Google to rauk.wtf.


If you like RAUK you can help out by sharing. If you’re a creative with a beating heart and a RAUK core, send an email to heart@rauk.wtf.

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